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Xbox360 Cheat

I went to the Microsoft website for a possible solution to this problem when I first encountered it. I discovered that they suggested that to fix the problem with the Xbox360 console it was best to submit a console repair request which I thought about doing at first. After visiting forums and doing some of my own research I found out that most people that followed their advice ended up very dissatisfied, it seems that it is a very slow and costly process.

Microsoft does not have an official number of how many Xbox360 consoles suffer from this problem but I have heard it to be between 30 and 35 percent. That number I consider to be extremely high. Just think about how many Xbox360 consoles are sold!

If your system is no longer under warranty, through Microsoft, it will cost you about $140 to fix the problem, of course, this does NOT include shipping. Now add another $25 for shipping and you are up to $165.00. Then you have to figure around six to eight weeks before they send it back to you, and I believe those numbers are low, it would probably be more like 12 to 14 weeks considering how many consoles are sent in for repair.

Even if your system IS under warranty, you would still be looking at shipping and handling and having to package it up, not to mention waiting forever before you get it back.

So what is the solution? I have heard so many bogus ways that people are trying to fix this problem, one being the -towel trick- have you heard of this! Some brilliant one came up with this and if you follow it, more than likely your system will either catch on fire or overheat, either way, not good!

I found a great alternative to both of these methods to fix the problem with the Xbox360 console. You can get rid of the problem in less than two hours and it is a new and simple method. The Xbox360 red light fix was designed by technical professionals and is guaranteed to get rid of the red light problem for good. I was very pleased and was up and running again in no time.

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