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Xbox Hints Cheats

Are you tired of breaking lockpicks in Oblivion? I have the answer to your problems. At level 10, you can obtain a Skeleton Key. This key does not break and it will also increase your security skill by 40 points. Once you have obtained level 10, go to the shirne of Nocturnal.

To get to the shrine, go to the city of Leyawiin and take the eastern road to the north. Keep an eye out for a bunch of people standing around, also look for the sign that says "County Kvatch". Take the bridge to the shrine and talk with the shrine. She will give you a quest to find the Eye of Nocturnal. First thing you need to do after you get the quest is to spy on a couple of thieves in Leyawiin. They will give you all the information you need on finding the right cave. In the dungeon, you will have to fight or sneak past a bunch of trolls. These guys are pretty tough but, the reward is well worth your trouble.

Once you retrieve the Eye take it back to the shrine and she will reward you with the skeleton key. I hope this guide helps you in all your quests.

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