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Xbox Halo Cheat Codes

Halo 3 is a first-person shooter video game exclusively for the Xbox 360. The Game holds the record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history. It is the Game of the Year and may be the best too. For this reason the Halo 3 Xbox 360 edition was developed. The design is a lot different to the normal Xbox and it is a little bit cheaper than the elite edition. It has an exclusive Spartan green and gold finish. It just looks spacey and like not from this world.

It is a little bit hard to explain but it looks very good. Just have a look for yourself and you will see. The design is a sleek desktop style with vertical or horizontal placement. Just like you want it to stay. You have some special things too. Like a halo head set, halo wireless controller which is in green. A 20 giga byte hard disk is in the bundle and a play and charge kit. Like in other versions you have an ethernet cable and access to the Xbox 360 guide. There you can find friends, games and downloadable content. You can get access with just click a button from your wireless halo 3 Xbox 360 edition. A

customizable interface is integrated for your dashboard, guide and gamer profile. You can even access the Xbox 360 marketplace. But this is not typical for the edition As a summary I can say that the halo 3 Xbox 360 edition is a good bundle with all you need to have a lot of fun with the game. The console is well designed and for fans a must have. The price is ok and you have everything you need. You will have an eye catcher and a unique design. Keep playing.

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