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XSP Cheat Sheet

In this article, I will discuss my experience with the XSP Cheat Sheet. Before telling you what I have concluded, I think it would be most appropriate for you to hear about my experience with the XSP Cheat Sheet. My rationale is that doing it in this manner will allow you to reach your own conclusions, and at the same time read what my conclusions were.

After using XSitePro for a couple of weeks, I started reviewing the XSP Cheat Sheet. I can report that I found the XSP Cheat Sheet to be laid out in a step-by-step fashion. Many of the changes were easy to make and were not things that I had learned elsewhere. However, it was the only SEO guide specifically designed for XSitePro that I was aware of. I went ahead and implemented the majority of the XSP Cheat Sheet techniques, such as file naming, etc. Unfortunately after I finished, I was not seeing any results from the techniques I had implemented from the XSP Cheat Sheet.

I stopped doing anything else with the XSP Cheat Sheet and decided to focus my efforts back on my pay-per-click campaigns. I went back to concentrating my traffic generation efforts via my AdWords account, in particular, further optimizing various campaigns and ads. About three weeks had passed and my AdWords efforts were being rewarded, as evidenced by the AdSense earnings I was receiving from my websites. In an effort to improve profits even more, I started really scrutinizing the breakdown of all of my campaigns and websites.

I found that after about a month, the pages I had created with the XSP Cheat Sheet were starting to get a good flow of traffic. I had never done any promotional techniques on these websites. Some of the sites were getting as much traffic as the sites that were being supplied pay-per-click traffic. From reviewing my stats and tracking software for the websites in question, I determined that people were actually finding my websites via the search engines using the same keywords that I optimized for using the XSP Cheat Sheet.

In conclusion, I feel that the XSP Cheat Sheet is an effective tool for helping one optimize their XSitePro built websites.

For more information about the XSP Cheat Sheet System, click on the below link.