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Ww2 Pc Games

A two hours and forty five minutes long WW2 classic a la GUNS OF NAVARON (1961). Go and rent the DVD right away if you like these kind of movies and you still haven't seen it.

“Battle of the Bulge” is the way they used to shoot those mega-epic WW2 good-against-evil and us-against-Nazis type films in which you had either Robert Ryan or Robert Mitchum starring because, besides their great acting talent, they had the best squint, pout and grimace in the business... until, that is, Clint.

It comes complete with an INTERLUDE (2 minutes of rousing music while you watch a fixed graphic) and an INTERMISSION after the first 1:45 minutes...

MOVIE TRIVIA SIDE BAR: For those who are too young to remember, lets jog together down the memory lane... Once upon a time when film copy was so expensive that film rolls were shared by multiple movie theaters. Or, sometimes the same guy happened to own a bunch of movie theaters within the same town.

All movies came in two reels – Reel 1 and Reel 2. After the Reel 1 was finished in one theater, while the good folks smoke their cigarettes (yes!) and enjoyed their cool beverages during the INTERMISSION, a courier rushed the Reel 1 to the other theater on a motorcycle, grabbed Reel 2 and zapped back to the first theater, just in time to catch the end of the INTERMISSION.

I remember sometimes just sitting there eating and drinking for over half an hour and waiting for the second half to begin because the poor courier would get stuck in traffic somewhere :-))

That was the function of the INTERMISSION back in those good-old bad-old days and you'd see an INTERMISSION in most of the long-winded movies shot (I'd say) before the '70s...


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