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Wii Cheats

It's not widely known, but the Nintendo Wii is much more than a gaming machine, and in fact with the right tools, anyone can turn their Wii into a multimedia powerhouse.

While the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles are widely considered to be more 'multimedia oriented' consoles than the Wii, The new Wii downloads site Wii Media Downloads is working towards changing that perception by offering a download service where users can download games, movies and music for the Wii.

Wii Media Downloads offers their members the tools to enable them access to unlimited downloads of Wii games, movies and music. They also offer 24 hour technical support, and a swag of FAQs, step-by-step guides and tutorials on how to download games, music and movies for your Wii, and how to transfer them on to your console and get you playing or watching and listening in no time.

Of course getting a swag of multimedia content on your Wii is exciting (mine is currently loaded up with series 2 of Heroes, it's awesome!) The most exciting part is of course the games! Never again pay full price for the latest Wii game, Wii Media Downloads often has access to the latest games well before they are in the shops. With this service you can download unlimited amounts of games old and new for the Wii. You can also get emulators to play games from older consoles, and bring back fun memories from the old days.

Their commitment to technical support gives members piece of mind, as other download services (mainly those not targeted specifically for the Wii) are often guilty of leaving their members 'out in the cold' by not offering any form of user help with downloading and playing files.

Click the link below to find out all the other benefits you can get from Wii Media Downloads.

Seth Gecko is a nintendo fanboy from way back, and loves his Wii in a way that is slightly unnatural.

To find out how you can download Wii games and turn your Wii into a mulitmedia super machine that plays movies, music and games, click here.