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Wii Cheat Codes

Just about everyone I know wants a Nintendo Wii. But everywhere is selling out faster than they can get them back in stock! Nintendo Wii's are hot, hot, hot right now and I know that I want one just as much as everyone else, so where can I get one and where is the best place to try and get a Nintendo Wii for free?

I searched the whole net looking for promotions of the Nintendo Wii, I wanted to find give away competitions where I stood a chance of winning one. Something that I never thought of before.

My friend and I literally searched the net looking for some competitions, I entered every one of them and so did he. After a few weeks we basically gave up and I managed to grab one at the local town when they were next delivered, it meant standing in line for three hours before they opened but my Wii is so much fun!

A few weeks after I got one, I get a call from my friend saying that he had WON a Nintendo Wii! I was amazed, I never thought it possible, but I guess that someone has to win.

There are lots of places online that you can either purchase a Wii for a fantastic price or enter to win a Nintendo Wii for free. I know that I didn't win, but it confirms to me that it's possible to win and to get a Nintendo wii for free.

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