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Which Version of Xbox 360 Should you Buy?

Many people will want to know what exactly the XBOX 360 is. The Xbox 360 is a next generation video game system that can play both games and DVD movies right out of the package. The XBOX 360 can also play some games from the original XBOX. The biggest feature is the high definition feature of the new system. The HDTV graphics are much more enhanced than other graphics.

There are two different versions and prices of the Xbox 360 system: The XBox 360 Core System and The XBox 360 Premium System.

1- XBOX 360 Core System

The XBOX 360 Core System is basically a bare bones system for people that simply want to play games. For the cost of $300 you get the following:

- XBOX 360 System

- Composite AV cable (the red, white, and yellow cable)

- Wired controller

The Core system does not include a hard drive or memory unit to save your games. It also does not come with the cable to allow you to hook it up to a HDTV. The Core system is ideal for purchasing for a younger child that doesn’t care to do anything but play his or her games.

2- The XBOX 360 Premium System

The XBOX 360 premium system comes with everything you need to get the best use out of your system. With a price of $400 you will get the following:

- XBOX 360 System

- Ethernet cable

- 20GB external hard drive

- Wireless controller

- XBOX live headset

- Component AV cables the hook up both the HDTV and standard TV

You basically get a lot of accessories for only $100 more than the Core System, which is cheaper than purchasing all of the extra components separately. You are getting over $200 worth of extras for around $100. That alone makes the premium bundle worth the extra money.