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What To Look for In a Good Gaming Laptop Computer

Laptop computers used to only be used for production of documents and storage of information. However, with today's technology there are computer games galore available. You can find any computer game that you can think of--children's games, adult games and toddler games. Most of the games require a high speed computer with an ultimate graphics card. So, with all of the options currently available, what should you be looking for in a gaming laptop computer? Below is a review of the laptop computer options that make the gaming experience so fun and enjoyable.


Awesome and colorful graphics are one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking to purchase a gaming computer. In fact, the better the graphics the better your gaming experience will be. Most laptop computers are capable of providing graphics for 3D games and will also display on a wide-screen for ultimate game playing. The most important thing to look for in a laptop computer for gaming is one that comes with an integrated graphics card. Two of the best and highly rated graphics cards are Mobility Radeon 9700 and Intel's Graphics Media Accelerator 900.

I Feel The Need For Speed

Clock speed, commonly known as the speed of your computer processor, is a huge consideration when looking for a gaming laptop computer. The speed of your computer is measured in gigahertz, usually written as (GHz) and megahertz written as (MHz). The faster the GHz or MHz the faster your laptop computer will work.

Don't scrimp on the cost of your computer processor. This is where you will want to spend your money. Without a fast processor your laptop computer won't be able to run the 3D games which are currently being offered. If your processor can't keep up with the game then your computer will freeze up in the middle of the game--definitely not a good thing! The most advanced processor that you can buy is a Serial Advanced Technology Architecture, commonly known as a SATA. This processor is ideal for a laptop computer and it also uses less power. If you aren't sure about buying the SATA you can always buy a Pentium processor.

Screen or Monitor Display

In order to have the full effect of your gaming experience, you need to have the largest, sharpest and brightest screen that you can afford. The display on your computer monitor is measured by pixels. Look for a screen that has a display of at least 800x600 pixels.

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