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Webkinz Cheats

What is a Webkinz and how do I adopt a webkinz?

Webkinz are huggable plus pets that come with a unique secret code. This secret code will allow you to enter into the Webkinz World. This will allow you to care for your pet virtually online. Your plush toy can come to life virtually online where you can care for it just like if you have a real pet. You will also be able to customize a room for your adorable plush pet. Buying clothes, furniture and food for your pet will be alot of fun. Your pet comes to life virtually online. It's wonderful.

This special code will allow you to adopt your webkinz online. You will be welcomed by Ms. Birdy who will help you with the adoption process. So start looking for a great name for your webkinz. And let us know if it is a girl or boy.

How many webkinz can I adopt?

As many as you can. They all need loving homes. Collect them all.

Will I receive a adoption certificate?
Once you have adopted your webkinz, you will receive your adoption certificate and you can receive it online. You can printed it out.

My webkinz did not come with a secret code. What should I do?
Take your webkinz back where you purchase it from and get another webkinz that has a secret code. You should see the secret code around your webkinz's ankle. Do not purchase without that secret code.

I lost my secret code. Can I get another one?

If you lost your secret code, it will not be replaced. It is very important you keep your secret code in a safe place at all times.

A Webkinz is a joy to have. Each plush toy has a different hobby, different habits and their own favorite foods. What? You have not adopted your first webkinz yet? What are you waiting for? There are so many webkinz looking to be adopted. Your son or daughter will love webkinz and you will too.

Adopt A Webkinz These plush pets are looking for loving homes with plenty of hugs.