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Using Cheats on Monopoly Tycoon

We always try to win a game without the use of any cheats and codes, but sometimes, the games are much too difficult and we look for help outside the rules of the game. But the beginners may ask themselves: what are game cheats? How can you use them? A cheat code is a button combination or a secret password which can change the course of action in the game, for the better. It may refer to gaining more lives for a character, gain extra ammunition, new weapons or secret entrances. They are the element of surprise in a game and the players enjoy looking for them through the entire game.

The same thing happens in Monopoly Tycoon, one of the most popular PC game nowadays. As you know, Monopoly Tycoon is a complex business management game based on the real board game Monopoly. So, roll your dices and choose the way you want to do your business, start earning your cash! You will compete in Monopoly Tycoon in order to gain the control of the whole industry and districts of the city. And if all of that seems too hard, you can try Monopoly Tycoon cheats .

In the beginning of the game, you can use the first Monopoly Tycoon cheat and choose the amount of money that every player can start with, even the computer players. The game can get more interesting when you get to the Megapolitan bonus scenario. So, after you complete all possible scenarios of all the characters, you will be given a new scenario to build Megapolitan and the amount of $200,000,000 for this task, with no opponents. Another Monopoly Tycoon Cheater would be to unlock all scenarios. You will have to play the first game and build on Pacific avenue a bar, a theatre, a bakery, a restaurant, an apartment building and a clothes store, and make them as tall as you can with a medium quality. The schedule time is before the second time period rolls around. After you do this, save the game and exit. When you restart the game, all the scenarios will be unlocked and you will see on the screen $100,000,000 on the budget. In fact, the budget is unlimited, it will never decrease!

Auctions can also be very interesting regarding the use of Monopoly Tycoon cheats, because you can win an auction at the lowest price. How do you do it? Easy, after you start an auction, save the game and quit . When you reload this saved game, the virtual players will give you their properties at the lowest price possible. If, somehow, someone bids against you, reload the game as many times as necessary, until they give it up .

In conclusion, cheats are used by millions of gamers all over the world and in general, are completely safe for the system and the game too. The use of cheats is a simple task and some players use them, some not, but as a fact, the Monopoly Tycoon cheats can bring a fresh element and a lot of excitement in the game.

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