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Used Desktop Computers

Used desktop computers don’t always mean second-hand computers on the verge of falling apart. Many can be recertified and refurbished computers.

A recertified and refurbished desktop computer means that these computers have been fully re-checked and any technical faults or misgivings are corrected. The computers are then sold with a warranty to ensure that they are working perfectly. These refurbished computers are the safest way to get a used computer.

There are many online stores that sell refurbished, well-maintained and completely new desktop computers at very low prices. For as little as $200 to $400 one can get a decent desktop computer. There are many websites that provide recertified and refurbished desktop computers made by quality manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, Sony and the like. All you have to do is seek and you will find.

You can also buy OEM versions of the Windows operating system and install it yourself. These OEM versions are cheap, but you need to know how to install it yourself.

Sometimes you may not find the used computer you are looking for. Fret not, you can always buy that extra CD drive you wanted and put it in yourself, or ask a technically inclined friend to put it in for you.

Now you know that if you just need a computer setup at home just to listen to a few MP3 tracks, watch a couple of movies, check your email and work on your presentations for work, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a computer – just get a “used” desktop computer.

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