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Understanding Why Men Cheat! It Still Doesnt Make It Right!

There are several reasons why men will cheat. A man will cheat because maybe he and his woman never see eye to eye.

  • A man will cheat because his partner doesn't pay attention to him.

  • A man will cheat if he has a nagging woman that don't know when to stop which is a big turn off for most men.

  • A man will cheat because of peer pressure.

  • A man will cheat because he found someone that can listen to him and try to understand where he is coming from.

  • A man will cheat because he wants great sex and is not getting it from his woman.

  • A man will cheat because his partner let herself go and stop looking attractive.

  • A man will cheat because there is no excitement in the relationship.

  • A man will cheat because he is bored in the relationship.

  • A man will cheat because he doesn't feel appreciated.

  • A man will cheat because he doesn't feel welcomed when he gets home.

  • A man will cheat because of fear of commitment.

  • A man will cheat as a form of stress relief.

  • A man will cheat because of emotional escape.

  • A man will cheat because you let him.

You should always consider your man. You should ask him that whether he is being satisfied in the relationship. Maybe you the woman just don't know how to satisfy your man. Maybe you don't satisfy him. I don't know, but, I believe firmly that there is no excuse for cheating. People who cheat whether it's physically or emotionally (having feelings for someone else) are just too immature to be a man/woman and are wick battery with low self esteem.

You may not agree with a lot of things I have said but take this from me. If you feel that the relationship is not working and you have tried to make it work in good reason then end it before more hurt is done. Give your man the benefit of the doubt. Unless he had a history of cheating or he has cheated once, don't immediately think he can and will cheat. It defeats the purpose of trusting your partner and how can you trust him if at the back of your mind, you're already thinking that he will cheat on you one day?

Come on ladies, if you have been cheated on before it doesn't mean that the next man will cheat.

One thing I believe in is that when someone cheats in a relationship it means something is not right or isn't going right. It could be sex or just dam right unhappy but as I said before cheating is just is just not right and really disrespectful. Stop letting your past prevent you from having the type of relationship you want with your man. Always ask your self why did he cheat and if you get the opportunity, then ask him why if you both still together, or ask him if he is now your ex partner. If it is a genuine answer you will know and use that knowledge to better yourself and the next relationship you end up in. Good luck. Remember excitement is one of the most forgotten concepts to a lasting relationship.

By Lee Bastien

Lee Bastien works as a relationship consultant to friends,colleagues and anyone that needs the advice. He has helped many save struggling relationship and put the excitement back in of people from various levels in society. Get the excitement back in your relationship. Visit:No cheating Man