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Types Of Women Most Likely To Cheat

A question that some guys spend way too much time trying to figure out is the type of women that is most likely to cheat on you.

Here is just a short list of the types of women some men seem to think are more likely to cheat on him:

  • Party Goers
  • Strippers
  • Emotionally abused women
  • Physically abused women
  • Sexually abused women
  • Women with low self-esteem
While it is true that the type of women on this list do cheat on their men, your being with a woman of this kind does not mean she is more likely to cheat on you.

In fact, the types of women that are most likely to cheat on you are the women that you have not completely attracted.

The reason why the types of women listed above might seem to be more likely to cheat is because it is very difficult to attract these types of women completely.

These types of women are also much more likely to get into a relationship with a man for reasons other than how attracted she is to him.

In other words, women cheat because they have found another man who creates a stronger attraction inside of her than you presently can.

At the same time, the lifestyle that you provide for her is much greater than what the other man can or she is smart enough to know there is no guarantee that the other man will provide her with the type of lifestyle you are.

So really the answer is quite simple, the less she is attracted to you compared with other men the more likely she is to cheat.

Put another way, the stronger her attraction for you the less likely she is to cheat.

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