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Top Pc Games

Direct2Drive is one of the leading Gaming Sites for Downloading Games online. They offer downloads of hundreds of Top Rated PC Games at prices lower than, or equal to your locale store.

Downloading PC Games is without a doubt the easiest way to purchase PC Games online. At Direct2Drive you can Download the latest releases of the top PC games directly to your PC. Their website layout is extremely easy to navigate. You can search for a specific PC games or browse threw categories to find the PC games you are looking for. All PC Games have a few screen shots of the game play to give you an idea of the Games graphics.

They provide a full description of all PC games available for Download. They list the full PC requirements for the PC game Downloads (operating systems,memory...etc). If your downloading pc games for your kids, list the games rating for the appropriate age group. Also they have all the available patches for your PC Games to keep them up to date and to fix bugs in the games.

While I was Downloading PC Games from them I found the downloads to be very slow. It seemed to hang up for a while and then start back up. After the download was complete the PC Game played fine with no noticeable glitches in the game play. Unless you have a fairly fast internet connection, you may consider going to your locale store to purchase your games. Although I found the downloads to be quite slow, over all my experience with them was FAIRLY GOOD.

Jeff West

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