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Top End Gaming Computers

So you love gaming. You have played just about every console game you can think of, you have gone through a wide variety of computer games and beaten them all, you eat, sleep, and live gaming. With your personal live revolving around gaming, you long to find a career that will allow you to use your love and knowledge of gaming to make a living. Well, there are hundreds of different jobs out there in the video and computer gaming industry, and you can land one - if you have the right skills. Here are the top five video and computer gaming jobs and a bit about each one:

1. Game designers - these are the people that actually design the game. This is a very detail-oriented position, and this person is responsible for the overall concept of a new game from the beginning story line to the end story of the game. Designers need special training to do their job, such as computer programming and software design.

2. Artists - these are the people that responsible for everything that the player sees in the game, such as characters, backgrounds, items, and animals. Artists are the ones that give light to the designer's ideas and concepts. They need special training in computer animated design, 3D design, and other software programming that relates to video and computer gaming.

3. Sound designers - these are the people who give voices and music to your favorite video and computer games. They design all of the sounds that a gamer hears. Sound designers need special training in audio engineering as well as basic computer hardware and software skills. It is also helpful to have experience with designing different musical works.

4. Programmers - these are the people who actually plan out and write the video game software. They integrate the artwork, story, and sounds all into one program so that it comes out into a visual and audio experience that gamers will enjoy. Programmers need skills and training in program languages, like C ++, and should have good computer skills and plenty of computer experience and training.

5. Game Testers - these are the people that play games for a living. While their jobs sound like a dream come true for gamers, they do not make as much money as other gaming jobs, like programmers. Testers will push new games to the limits and log any bugs or glitches that they come across. Game testers will need special training in computers, such as languages or basic computer hardware and software skills, as well as good communication skills.

While these are the top 5 gaming industry positions, there are still hundreds of other gaming jobs that are out there. But, for those of you that feel the irresistible pull of the game tester field, head over to and take the course that will show you everything you need to do to become a great video game tester.

MD Weems has been a professional writer for over a decade and is an avid MMO gamer. She also runs the MMORPG/MMO gaming web site,, and is the head of an elite MMO gaming team. She has several MMORPG gaming guides to her credit and is constantly writing articles and information about all types of MMORPG and MMO games.