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The Wonderful World of EverQuest Cheats

There's not a popular computer game in the world that hasn't spawned an industry identifying so-called cheats that let players get ahead. EverQuest, one of the world's most popular MMORPGs, is no different: EverQuest cheats abound in the gaming literature. Whether you want to use EverQuest cheats is up to you, but when you're stuck in a shaky situation or just can't seem to get ahead no matter what you do, they can be undeniably attractive.

EverQuest cheats: cheating, or not?

You might think that "cheat" means cheating, but it ain't necessarily so. In the gaming world, "cheat" refers to any way to get ahead aside from standard hack-and-slash game play; special strategies, built-in "Easter Egg" codes, and exploits of known bugs are all clumped under the term. EverQuest cheats are no different. Though admittedly many EverQuest cheats are "illegal" in game play, not all are. For example, the practice of using real-world money to buy in-game currency is one of the most widespread of the purported EverQuest cheats. Though some believe it's contrary to the spirit of the game, it's accepted practice, and Sony even encourages it. On the other hand, some EverQuest cheats, especially those that let you duplicate money or objects, are not only illegal, they could get your account deleted for good.

Climbing the EverQuest ladder

Most EverQuest cheats involve increasing your money and experience points. This makes sense, because in any EQ scenario, you'll require both to advance in level and purchase snazzy new equipment. EverQuest cheats are easy to find on the Internet and in magazines; you can even subscribe to compilations that are updated on a weekly or monthly basis. How and if you use cheats is up to you, but choose your EverQuest cheats carefully! What's the point of building a 50th Level Paladin if it gets deleted for cheating?

No need to kill 10,000 rats to make your first Everquest platinum: for just a few bucks, you can be on your way to top-notch training and the kind of weapons you thought you'd never be able to afford. So don't hold back: discover some EverQuest 2 gold now