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When it comes to buying a home console, the most important aspect is the games offer on the market. After all, you are getting the Xbox, the GameCube or the PS2 for playing games, not for studying!

The games aspect can be interpreted in this manner: some customers are looking for a certain kind of games; others are not interested in the quality of the games, but in the quantity. Therefore, the games criterion varies from one individual to another.

Consequently, before buying an Xbox, a GameCube or a PS2, you first have to decide what kind of games you like, and buy the console system that is more suitable for your taste. You should always keep in mind that a console system may be extremely fast, may have online support and great controls, but doesnít have the games you like playing; therefore the home console is not suitable for your needs. For instance, the Xbox has much more games than the GameCube, but not all of them are very good. So, the games quantity aspect is not always enough for deciding on a certain home console.

When it comes to talking about games, we have to mention the exclusive titles aspect, meaning the games that are available on a certain system. Each of the Xbox, the GameCube or the PS2 has its own offer of exclusive titles. For instance, Nintendoís GameCube has games based on Ďtraditionalí characters like Mario, Starfox, Wario, Pokemon, Metroid or Zelda. Although the GameCube is lately trying to escape its kids-only image, this home console is the most appropriate if you are buying it for your child. On the other hand, the PS2 is most famous for its Grand Theft Auto series, which are more suitable for adult customers. The Xbox is well known for its exclusive titles Halo and Halo 2. The best thing about this systemís games is the feature that they can be played online with and against other Xbox owners. PS2 is also offering online capability, but it is not organized into a unified network. So if you are a fan of playing online, you should know that Xbox has the best system for this feature.

In the end, you are always the deciding factor. If you are looking for games to be played with friends at home, on the couch, then you are a PS2 or a GameCube kind of person. But if you enjoy gaming against others over the Internet, then you should choose the Xbox. Yet, donít forget that the games aspect may be important, but it is not the only one to take into consideration when buying a home console. The third section of this article will discuss further aspects on choosing a home console.

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