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Super Cheats

Many of the negative emotions that you might feel after she cheats are actually a very strong indicator of how emotionally strong you really are.

As soon as you choose to acknowledge the negative emotions that you are feeling inside of yourself after she cheats and listen to the message that they are bringing.

You will soon discover that on the other side of those negative emotions are the positive and pleasant emotions that you seek and want.

For instance, after she cheats its normal for you to feel frustrated over the events that have just occurred.

The message that frustration is trying to send you is that in your mind you believe that you could be doing much better than you currently are doing in regards to your relationship with women.

You mind is saying/telling you that you deserve better than being in a relationship with a woman who cheats.

In other words, frustration is telling you that you still have hope left; your mind knows that you deserve what you want in a relationship and a cheating woman in your life isn't it.

To have a woman cheat on you and not get frustrated would mean that you have no hope and something isn't right with you.

To not experience a sense of frustration after she cheats would also mean that the current relationship you are in and any future relationship (until you decide to change) is incapable of bringing you joy.

Frustration after she cheats is exciting once you face it square on as your mind can begin coming up with new ways to get what you want, which in many cases is being in a committed relationship with a woman who is faithful.

Now, it also means that you must move on without her as a cheating woman isn't what you want and your mind knows that you can do better than that.

Teddy Shabba has been helping men overcome the problems and challenges that come once you discover that the woman in your life is/was cheating on you.

As your Dating and Relationship Coach Teddy Shabba is going to show you what you must do in order to regain control and power in your own life. He has a weekly newsletter that you can sign up for now if you are dealing with Life After She Cheats To learn more about Cheating and Affairs visit our article section Cheating and Infidelity Today