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Splinter Cell Cheat Codes

When I was young and got a splinter, I would run to my grandmother. With her professional technique of iodine and a needle, she’d remove the splinter for me. After I grew up, though, it became increasingly more difficult for me to get her to remove it for me.

At some point, we all have to learn the subtle art of the self-surgery that is splinter-removal. The first step in every case is to clean the area. Use an anti-septic to clean the skin around the affected area, and rubbing alcohol to clean any instruments. Don’t forget to wash your hands, as well.

If the splinter is protruding from the skin, you can remove it with tweezers. Grasp the protruding end of the splinter with tweezers and gently pull it out of the skin, along the direction it entered. Then clean the area with soap and water, and you’re finished.

Another way to remove partially dislodged splinters is to apply a small amount of white glue to the area. Wait for it to dry, and peel it off. The splinter should come out attached to the glue. (Scotch tape may also be used in this method).

If the splinter is fully embedded within the skin, you will need a needle. Again, it is very important that you sterilize the needle with alcohol to prevent infection. Using the needle, attempt to partially dislodge the splinter. Then use tweezers to remove the rest of it.

A less abrasive method, for those who fear needles, would be to soak the area in a mixture of warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda twice per day. After a few days, the splinter may work its way out.

After removal, it is wise to bandage the area, as well. If it remains painful, or gets swollen and red, see a medical professional.

While most splinters can be removed at home, if they are too deeply embedded or if you are unable to remove all of it, you will need to seek medical attention. Splinters are foreign objects introduced into the body and are quite capable of causing infection.

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She also is a stringer for the Standard Speaker, a Pennsylvania newspaper, and is editor of Word of Mouth Magazine.