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Sony Playstation2 Cheat Codes

The sony psp apart from being able to do a multitude of things also has a great deal of accessories you can purchase for it, as any good handheld games console should have! The list of accessories you can buy for your sony psp include:

Case - the psp has a variety of cases you can get for it, all seem to be made to not only protect your psp from damage but some of them also help you keep a solid grip on it while playing on your psp.

Headset - the sony psp has a headphone socket so you can listen to music or movies without disturbing everyone else in the room, you could plug any old headphones in there but I much prefer the official sony headset because you get a nice looking pair of headphones as well as a combined remote to turn the volume up or down and also to skip to the next music track.

Battery Packs - Apart from the standard battery pack that comes with your psp you can also purchase high capacity battery packs which prolong the playing time you have with your sony psp and also doubles the life expectancy of your psp.

PSP Car Charger - Self-explanatory really, not something you really want to leave home without when your off on a holiday or even a family trip out.

Thatís just some of the accessories you can get for your sony psp, there is so much more out there, a good search on ebay will uncover some really good psp accessories you will wonder how you managed without out them for so long!

Find out how to download music and movies and games for your sony psp on my squidoo page here you will also find out what tools you might need to manage your sony psp downloads.