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Slow Computer Repair

Most of us have a slow XP computer. We bought it recently, and have done nothing in the way of keeping it cleaned. We have bigger hard drives, so we store more stuff. And the more stuff we store, the larger the chance is we are getting bogged down. And since we are always deleting files, creating new files, installing software, and uninstalling software, we are going to have some issues where the computer gets overloaded with the data on it, and the result is a slow XP computer.

Good news, though! There is a simple fix. But before I tell you about it, let me go over some of the typical solutions you may hear.

Update the Windows system: You should do this. But this does not cause the slowness. It just helps protect you from security issues.

You have a virus: OK, this could be the cause. But most likely it is not. You should have an antivirus software installed already. If not, go do it. Viruses could get into the computer, and start launching programs and attacks from within your computer, which in turn would slow it down. But this would be very rare. This will not cause the slow XP computer.

Your computer is loaded with spyware: This can cause a slow XP computer. With all of the surfing we on the internet going on, there are some sites out there dropping cookies and things on to your computer and you donít even know. They then track your every movement. The slowness occurs in the way of how much stuff is on your computer. So while you should be concerned, it is not the likely cause of the slow XP computer.

OK, here it is: Your slow XP computer is caused by messed up registry files. Never heard of them? That is OK. Most people have not. These little files tell the computer how to handle and process the software. When these files get messed up, the computer does not know what to do. There is an easy fix for this. Use a registry repair or cleaner, and scan your computer for corrupt or missing registry files. The software will find the problems, and then fix the problems. It will take about 10 minutes, and slowness is gone. After that, run the software weekly, and this will keep the computer optimized.

So, if you have a slow XP computer, use a registry repair software and clean your registry files. It will make all the difference, and provide you with the immediate fix you need for your slow XP computer.

Michael Baker is a Computer Optimization Technician, and recommends getting a Free Computer Scan to fix any problems such as computers freezing, locking up, restarting for no reason, and getting the blue death screen.