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Sims Money Cheat

I would like to take this time to say
Thank you being you and always making my day
By allowing me to be me
And loving me unconditionally

I love being with you because I am allowed
To be open and free
Without any regrets or animosity
And the best thing is I do not have to be phony

With you I do not have to pretend to be someone that I am not
Because you do not view my kindness, loyalty and dedication
As multi-cell terrorist plot

From the moment I met you
I have never felt this free
I finally feel complete and happy

In the past men could not handle the real me
This almost drove me many times to the brink of insanity

For some reason they felt I was too good to be true
That always used to make me very sad and blue

I would work five days a week
Then come home to cook, clean and make the bed
But at the end of the day it seemed as though
They would rather be with chicken head instead

They would keep poking and prodding
To try and make me someone that I was not
I do not know why being a good woman
Is viewed as a sick and twisted plot

They realized that I was a good woman
After all their attempts to dissect me
But by that time I realized that they were unworthy

Just when I thought I could love no more
You came along and opened the door

I use to wonder why they did not appreciate me
And now I know if they did I would not be with thee

April Sims affectionately known as "Boss Lady" was born in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area where she still resides today.

They say; heavy is the head that wears the crown and April Sims wears many crowns; Renaissance Woman, Radio Personality, Spoken Word Artist, Photographer, Daughter, Sister; and her greatest role of all; Queen Mother of three beautiful daughters that are her daily inspiration.

April Sims wears a variety of hats within the course of a day; and sometimes wears more than one hat at the same time. She is responsible not only for her own well being, and that of her daughters; but she has assembled a talented group of artists that look to her for guidance as well. The blessing in all of this is the capacity of her heart and mind to expand to meet the needs of so many.