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Sims Cheats

In the past six months or so, the demise of sims has been made abundantly clear. It seems that sims are being cancelled left and right. It is known that this is indeed a down cycle for sims. Hopefully, in a couple of years things will turn around and sims will be considered hot stuff once more.

Over time, things change. Keep the faith! Things are bound to improve! Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command are now showing signs of life. Harpoon 4 is still undergoing development.

When a new subsim does hit the shelves, try to remember that the developers and game producers are our friends. They make the kind of games that we like because they also like them. Why would they labor over thick tables, ship model physics, and torpedo trails just for a niche market? It is because some developers really love the genre.

The blessing as well as the curse of a good sim is its complexity. Do you want to command a battle fleet, or do TMA on a Los Angeles class submarine? Then you will need to study and learn the necessary skills. This does restrict the popularity of the sim. Sims carry a steep learning curve, and generally mass market games do not. They truly are a niche market.

Niche market games usually have limited budgets. This means that a small number or artists and programmers must concentrate on the basics. Do not expect to see everything you ever dreamed of in a sim. Oh, yes, I wish that a subsim could have full motion crews as well as other fun stuff. However, there is just not enough money in the budget to design and integrate all of these features into the product.

Hopefully the status of Silent Hunter II will soon be known. I happen to be optimistic that Rick Martinez and Carl Norman mean what they say and SSI will continue to hold the banner of the Digital Combat series. I look to the next rumored subsim as the best hope for advanced underwater warfare.

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