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Sims Cheat Codes For Pc

The Sims: Super Star allows you to hobnob with the celebrities and even become one yourself. An all new Studio Town is now at your disposal. Studio Town is as glitzy as you would expect a town full of celebs to be. It is all glamour and style, but also backstabbing and cheating. Get yourself an agent; maybe become a singer or an actor. Anything is possible in Studio Town.

Now it's all about being in the in-crowd. Who's popular and who's not; you can find out from the Tabloid that is delivered to your house. Get to know the right people and you can become a star. Of course you also need talent so brush up on your skills then try to make an impression on those top dogs.

Have you ever dreamed of winning awards? It's time to make your dreams come true. You may have the talent to win a fashion award, music award, or even an acting award depending on what course you take in the entertainment industry. If you aren't interested in any of those then take a shot at the Simmy award or the Sim's choice award. You can even buy a special display case to show them all off to your friends at home.

This expansion pack comes equipped with over 150 new items. You can own your very own scuba tank or massage table. Imagine the party's and the entertainment that you can offer to all your Sim neighbors. You can be the talk of the town. Out of all of the expansion packs this one offers the best items for your home (not as tacky).

The Sims: Superstar is at the top of my list of expansion packs. It offers a variety of things ranging from social interactions to new locations to fancy new objects. It doesn't change the game a whole lot, but it is still worth buying if you are a Sim fan.

Miranda Stites
"Saving Good People From Bad Games"