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Runescape Cheats - Are They Really Out There

Runescape cheats sites, hack sites and so on claim that they can provide you with runescape cheats. Well in order to do this theoretically you will need to access the servers that host the game and then manually change whatever it is you want to change. This however cannot be done and is also illegal.

Such methods in fact are used for many software applications and are tried and tested. For runescape however I do not believe anyone has achieved it because of the degree of difficulty involving such a task. If they have they wont be giving the ideas away for free, they would try to sell them. The cheats themselves may or may no work, if they do it might not be for very long, due to the complexity of the runescape servers that host the worlds that you play in. When a server maintenance worker discovers and odd changes they will counteract that change and in doing so will effectively remove the effect of any cheats.

The only real way to try and get a head start in runescape is to look for tips and ask people in forums. From my experience this helps. People may tell you best methods of levelling up a particular class and level. The best ways to make quick gold and best ways to complete quests and increase crafting levels. I have spent a lot of time on the internet looking for gaming help and I can say that it has paid off big time, I always have something useful to do in the game and I am never bored.

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