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Psp Cheat Codes

Uploading videos on your PSP is not a hard task, rather an easy job as it includes some necessary steps. Once the steps are followed accordingly individuals can put videos in a PSP. But you should know that some essential components are required. The followings tips will demonstrate the procedures.

To begin with the process, both the computer and the PSP should be connected simultaneously. It should also be ensured that the PSP is switched off before commencing and once the connection is done then the PSP should be switched on. After that through the PSP the settings menu should be selected and then X is pressed as it will connect the PSP to the computer system. Then My Computer should be selected on the computer so that an additional volume is attached. Thus this is regarded as the Portable PSP Play station. Next the PSP memory card should be unlocked and along with that PSP folder should also be opened. After the PSP folder is opened then a new folder should be created inside that PSP folder which should be termed as MP_ROOT and accordingly inside the MP_ROOT folder again a new folder should be created known as 100mnv01.

Consequently in the 100mnv01 folder the desire movies should be saved and once the movies are saved and then it is ready to view. Thus by clicking on to the images saved inside the memory card it gets opened to viewers. It should be remembered that the movies should be in MP4 format before saving it in PSP.

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