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Ps2 Game Cheats

The star studded sequel of the original Mario Party is a grand fiesta. It is an exciting game with lots of surprises and funny moments. Mario Party 2 has six all-new multiplayer Adventure Boards, and a special mode for players who prefer to party alone. Mario Party 2 has more characters available and better mini games. The challenges are bigger and better this time round. The designers have also brushed up in the graphics department. The detail and animation are much better than last time.

Everything about the game is fantastic. The soundtrack is great. The main goal is to try to get as many stars as you can from a toad. However, as you purchase more stars, the toad runs away to different places on the game map.You have 6 characters to choose from who will have to chase the toad around. There are 6 challenging stages with varying levels of difficulty. The designers have also thrown in plenty of side quests and mini challenges to keep you busy. The enticing look on game play and vivid backgrounds make this one a must-buy.

The controls are easy and responsive. The game can essentially be controlled by two buttons. However, if you want to play some of the mini games, you will need the use of some more buttons. The 4 player capabilities and high replay value make it an exciting game to play again and again with your friends. You can expect something new everytime you start playing this game. Mario Party 2 is a very interesting game.

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