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Ps1 Cheat Codes

Ever wanted to get your old Playstation 1 games downloaded to your PSP for on-the-go entertainment? Well, now you can!

I've researched all over the internet to find the steps it takes to play your old PS1 games on your new PSP. How cool would it be to download those games to your PSP and play them wherever, whenever you want? Here are some steps to get you going:

  1. Make sure your PSP has 3.02 OE firmware downloaded. If you have 2.8 firmware or lower, you must downgrade to 1.5 and then upgrade to 3.02 OE (Open Edition). If you have 3.0-3.03, please see the note below.
  2. Find the PS1 game of your choice online. An excellent place to look is my PSP Game Downloads Reviwe site(see below). You will find an amazing selection of unlimited PSP downloads of any kind. (Make sure the file is in eboot format)
  3. Open the GAME folder on your PSP, and make a new folder that corresponds with the name of the game you are downloading (it doesn't matter what you name it)
  4. Download your game by plugging your PSP into the USB port in your computer. Save it to the new folder you just created.

If you have 3.0-3.03 firmware on your PSP, you can ONLY play PS1 games on your PSP if you have a PS3. Did you get all that? You must purchase those games through Sony, and they are transferred from your PS3 to your PSP through the USB cable.

If you want to play PS1 games on your PSP, don't forget that your firmware needs to be 3.02 OE. You can also find all your favorite downloads at You'll find everything you're looking for from wallpaper to movies at incredible prices.

Ryan McMillan is an avid PSP Gamer. He has reviewed over 40 PSP game download sites and has brought the TOP 4 to you on his website - find it at