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Pogo Cheats

After she cheats, you might find yourself feeling a sense of hopelessness when it comes to being in Love and in a committed relationship with her or any other women.

While many "relationship experts" will tell you that you shouldn't give up hope on being in a loving and committed relationship with her after she cheats.

The truth is after she cheats it is a hopeless cause to be in a loving and committed relationship with her.

However, there is definitely the reality of you finding someone better than her as soon as you let go of your cheating ex and move on.

As long as you either hope to get what you had with her after she cheats or choose to associate the feeling of hopelessness you have with her with all women there really is no hope.

After she cheats it is up to you to look inward and heal yourself so that you can become the man that attracts the type of woman that you want in the type of committed relationship that you want.

When a man instead chooses to place their hope with a cheating woman or associate hopelessness with all women you will at best get 1 of 2 things;

  1. A woman who cheats on you
  2. A woman that is a lot less than what you are looking for
Women who can be faithful in a committed relationship are attracted to men they believe will accept nothing less than a faithful and committed woman in a relationship.

Women who cheat learn how to attract men who are willing to tolerate a woman who cheats.

As you can plainly see the only way you can have any hope of being in a committed and faithful relationship is by no longer tolerating a woman who cheats.

This also means after she cheats the relationship between you and her really is hopeless.

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