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It is not your fault her cheating on you is not your fault.

Perhaps there are some things that you could have changed to the relationship better.

Yet, the truth is almost ever relationship is going to have things about them that either person could change in order to maybe make the relationship better.

When a woman cheats it comes down to a lack of respect and/or attraction.

Her cheating ways are entirely her fault and has everything to do with her and how she deals with problems.

Now, when it comes to the break down of the relationship you did play a part in that.

Women cheat because of two main reasons

  1. It is in their nature to cheat
  2. she has loss attraction for you but needs your support in some other way

While you can control (to some extent) her level of attraction for you there is nothing you can do if it is in her nature to cheat.

Perhaps you are wondering what you can do to determine which of the two the woman who cheated on you falls under?

Truth is it doesn't matter because neither option is one in which cheating is going to be a one time thing when it comes to the relationship with you.

This is why her cheating on you isn't your fault as an emotionally healthy woman would have broken up with you or never gotten in a committed relationship with you.

In other words, once a woman cheats on you for a second time it is entirely your fault and it is now on you to make the right choice either before or after she cheats on you for a second time.

Teddy Shabba has been helping men overcome the problems and challenges that come once you discover that the woman in your life is/was cheating on you.

As your Dating and Relationship Coach Teddy Shabba is going to show you what you must do in order to regain control and power in your own life.

He has a weekly newsletter that you can sign up for now if you are dealing with Life After She Cheats

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