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If you have never heard of the term, World of Warcraft Mods, then we will explain to you exactly what they are and why so many gamers simply must have them.

So what exactly is a World of Warcraft Mod? Simply put, mod is the condensed name for the term modification. Usually meaning to amending, or partially change some attribute of something. With that being said, a World of Warcraft Mod is a modification to the original way the game was designed to run. It can be something subtle like changing the color of an interface to something more complex as adding other features to the game to enhance your experience. If you ever thought to yourself while you were playing the game, man, I wish I could do this, chances are, other players had the same thought and if you look, you can probably find a mod that will do that very thing.

There are hundreds of World of Warcraft Mods out there and all you need to do is look online and you will see exactly what I am talking about. We will show you 2 mods to illustrate exactly what they can do and how it will assist you in your quest. We will not say what the name of the mod is but what it does is it shows you a bar on the screen showing your health, and how much healing you will get when someone is healing you. This is helpful because you can gauge for yourself if you need to drink a potion or use a bandage to heal yourself completely. One of the benefits of this feature is that lets say you were getting healed from someone or some persons, the bar will let you know if you will be back to full health and how long it will take for the healing process to be completed. With this information, you may be able to save your potions for a later time when you really need them.

Another World of Warcraft Mod we will look at deals with scanning the area around you. When this mod is used, it scans your surrounding area and lists for you ALL the units nearby providing you a detailed report on all the information found in the scan. It will list for you the type of units they are, are they friend or foe, or even mobs that might be waiting just around the bend. This can be very helpful information for instance, you can set the mod to scan and show you your friends, by doing this you'll know which friends are in the area and which ones may need your help to heal them. You can change the scan to only look for certain types of units and then target them every time they are found. One thing that I should note here before letting you go, is that when you use World of Warcraft Mods, make sure you always check back for updates to the mod whenever Blizzard decides to update the version of the game.

As you can see from our 2 examples of what World of Warcraft Mods can do, these mods can be very useful and time saving tools for you to use in your game play. You can also see why so many gamers out there just can not play WoW with out them. The developers of WoW themselves have embraced the mods add-ons and sometimes even include them with their updates. So, do not be afraid to try new things, because sometimes you will find that a little tweak here and a little tweak there will do wonders for your gaming pleasure.

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