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Pc Game Hints Cheats

While the online game of Webkinz can be fun, it is frustrating when you run out of Kinzcash (the currency used in the game). But there are a few really good methods to keeping your pet rolling in the dough! There are definitely certain strategies for earning the needed cash that work faster than others.

There are 'cheats' out there. If you search hard enough on the internet, you can find cheats and hacks for almost any game available, including Webkinz. But it would be sad to lose access to the online game due to cheating, not to mention the lesson that it teaches the child who has the pet. But there are plenty of ways to make fast Kinzcash without resorting to cheating.

Quizzy's Corner

This is absolutely, hands-down, the fastest way to make Kinzcash. You can choose an easy category from the 5-year-old section, and you still get 5KC for every question you answer right. If you take long on a question, they start supplying hints and the reward goes down. But really...if you're reading this, you probably don't need hints on the questions. You can do several questions PER MINUTE, and is pretty much the staple, guaranteed way to increase your balance quickly.

Daily Kinzcare

Log on at least once per day, click on 'My Pets...' next to the image of your pet, and click on the Kinzcare tab. Click on the big 'I love my pet' button. You get 10KC just for clicking and an extra 5 for every day you do it that week. (Plus a chance for a bonus if you get all 7 days). You also get some food every day, so that saves you from having to buy it.

Spin the Wheel of Wow

Spin it once per day. It's quick, and a guaranteed win of something, and sometimes you can win straight up KC.

Play Wishing Well 2

Again, this is something you can do very quickly once per day. It's fast, and you can come up empty, or win loads. Chances are you'll just walk away with between 50 and 100KC, but for the time it takes, that's not bad.

Get a Job

Go to the Employment Office and get a level one job. Pick the easiest one for you. (I like the shoe-store one.) Do the SAME job every 8 hours (or at least once per day). The reason is that the more success you have with a certain job, the more it will pay you. It will start out paying you 50KC per success, but ends up paying out 175 Kinzcash. It takes me only a few minutes per day to do those easy jobs.

Take a Survey

The weekly surveys come out on Friday, and just for answering a few questions you get 50KC!

Start with the routine of doing these steps daily, and you'll find that the needed funds will pile up in your pet's account.

As a final note, if your pet (or your child) are really struggling with keeping a balance high enough to keep the game fun, and you have access to a computer from work, remember that you can log on and play a few games during lunch. Webkinz is not a site that is usually banned by company firewalls, and you can play some quick, easy games while your child is at school. It gives you a mental break, and keeps the pet from being too poor.

George has a son with a Webkinz pet, but George is the one who is hooked on the game and is fascinated by the virtual economy that is Kinzcash.