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Secret No 1: Do Not Use Runescape Cheats

100 Runescape players were surveyed about what they want most for their account. The top 3 answers were “Runescape Cheats”, “more gold” and “higher stats”.

If you told a Runescape player that there was a way to make 120 million gp magically appear in their bank by typing in a code, which is Runescape Cheats, most gamers would probably be thrilled. If you told them that you could make all their stats jump to 99 by typing in “nowayjose,” which again is a Runescape Cheat, all of them would happily do it.

Guess what? That’s impossible! So don’t waste your time focusing on Runescape Cheats .There’s no way in the world Runescape cheats can suddenly make gold coins appear out of nowhere. And no Runescape Cheats will get you to level 126 overnight. If you’ve been trying Runescape Cheats, don’t freak out because I’ve got some really great news for you.

What is it? Give up Runescape Cheats and see your scores go sky high. (bank account explode?)

Don’t make your goals getting stats and gold. Just decide what you want, work to get it, and ignore everything else.

This is the biggest Secret to getting what you want in Runescape. Figure out the one thing you want and work to get it while ignoring everything else.

This means that when you’re working to improve your mining skill, you don’t worry about the ore. Drop it all on the ground right there for the newbies.

This means that when you are training prayer, your goal is to collect bones rather than fight. If you see a bone and you see a fight, you should automatically go for the bone. Again, don’t think about Runescape Cheats.

This means that if you want to get lobsters for your PKer, you BUY IT ALL. Don’t waste your time trying to fish.

Get it? Whatever you want to do at that particular moment should be the only thing that you do.

Don’t divide your time. Focus on one thing and give up Runescape Cheats. Runescape Cheats kills your game.

This simple rule has had Runescape millionaires and level 95+ players laughing for years because they know everyone else simply doesn’t get it. The truth is, Runescape millionaires are playing a totally different game.

Want my advice? Don’t be like most ‘noobs’ still focusing on Runescape Cheats. Start to implement this strategy into your game, and you’ll immediately notice how much quicker you’ll improve both your stats and your bankroll.

I think by now you can clearly see that I do not believe in Runescape Cheats. They will get you banned by Jagex Ltd and destroy your game. Stay focused. Go for one goal at a time. Ignore everything else.

Copyright 2006 Roy Phay

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