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Pc Computer Repair

As a computer repair expert I get asked this allot. Should I just buy a new computer or fix the one I have? Here are some tips and simple questions to ask yourself.

Is your current computer working? If your computer is broken and over 3 years old call around to local repair shops and get an estimate on how much it might cost to fix. View and join there free forum for what questions to ask. Now that you have a price in mind here are some questions to ask yourself. If I get this computer fixed will it do everything I want it to do? Does it still run all the programs I want to use? What in the near future do you plan to use your computer for? Is the computer really slow because the new software programs are so advanced? If you stop and ask yourself what you use the computer for and what you plan on using it for in the next few years most of the time you can come to a simple conclusion.

If your computer is already working but just started slowing down you may just need a little computer tune-up. Over time computers start to slow down because they get more programs installed on them and all these programs are running in the background. Getting a system tune up can be a cheap way of speeding up your computer and optimizing it.

As Technology advances your computer will become obsolete. For those of you out there running windows 98 ME or 2000 my answer to you is go buy a new computer. If you are running XP and everything runs fine but the computer is slow check and see how much memory you have installed. If it is 256 or less you can boost your computers speed just buying another stick of memory. Just contact your local computer shop with your computer model and they will be able to tell you what kind of memory to purchase.

For all your computer repair needs please go to and join our free computer repair forum. You will get the expert advise you need to repair any computer issue you have for Vista, XP, ME, and 2000. We also have a section dedicated to notebooks and PC brands like Dell and HP.