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Pc Airplane Games

If you've got a secret to blab or a note to pass to a fellow spy, the Flight 007 Game is just the trick you need... Simply, fold a paper airplane, using any design you want (but the more complex the better - The Karate Kid is a good one to make - follow the link below at the Easy Paper Airplanes Web site to find out how to make it and others.)

Then, carefully unfold the whole paper airplane, looking as you do, for writing spaces on your piece of paper, that get folded up inside when you make the paper airplane.

Almost every paper airplane has a little bit that you couldnít possibly see when itís folded and finished. When you find that perfect writing space, write your note in it, refold your airplane, and deliver your message via plain olí airmail.

If you want to make better flying machines, learn some neat tricks and folding techniques for making perfect paper airplanes. The main rule is: Perfect folds = perfect paper airplanes. Basically, when your folding is sloppy, you will have numerous problems flying a paper airplane straight and true. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. So, even though you may be making a paper airplane for sending a secret message, keep in mind that the better it flies, the more chances you have of it landing at it's intended destination!

For more paper airplane games and activities, follow the link below. Enjoy and use your imagination! You can probably come up with all kinds of ways to have fun with paper airplanes. Note passing is just one of many ideas...

Sara Gray is a Mom and graphic designer with a love for anything made of paper. She's created a fun place to learn all about Paper Airplanes, its history, interesting facts, loads of fascinating tidbits of paper airplane lore, fun games, activities, and crafts, and offers free downloadable paper airplane designs at Easy Paper Airplanes.