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Pc Adventure Games

Computer gaming has gained wide popularity among the masses. From puzzle stories to races there are a number of computer and video games which can be played in a variety of plat forms, such as PS3, PS2, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

Action and adventure games belongs to that genre of games which involve exotic games like wrestling, fighting, space travels, star wars, fictional adventures and situational games. Often this type of games come with a story line and is rich in graphics and animation.

It is seen that adventure games are more popular among the masses than other video games. The adventure games involve issues like puzzle-solving and also exploration of various exciting ones where the players have lot of opportunities to take active participation. Action games of the modern day are more interactive. Action and adventure games may be single-player or multi-player. Since, narration used to be the main focus of these so they are mostly in single-player mode.

There are a wide variety of adventure and action games available in the market nowadays. Even many of the gaming sites offer various types which can be easily downloaded to the PC or computer. But most adventure and action games found online are PC based and only few are console based. Most adventure ones are fetch-based where the main character performs acts of benevolence, such as rescuing people, freeing prisoners, animals etc. Sometimes, they also undertake impossible voyages. In games like Return to Zork, the main character has to return to the original place or else his game stops there unfinished.

The adventure games were very popular in the 1980's, but with the introduction of the action games people became crazier about such games. However, popular adventure games like Syberia and Syberia II which are published for both PC and Xbox are still popular among the players. Even Trace Memory and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Hotel Dusk: Room 215 released by Nintendo DS in recent years became widely popular.

The latest action games like the WWF games are also gaining momentum. The free online games, adventure and action games can now be easily downloaded from the sites. Most of the game lovers now prefer to play online adventure games by creating socializing forums.

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