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Owen Sound Computer Repair

The one thing that no team wants to do in this years World Cup is overlook Michael Owen. With all the focus surrounding his desired partner upfront "Wayne Rooney" the biggest mistake teams will make is focusing all there attention on Rooney and not Owen.

Owen may not be a fast as he used to be, but he certainly still knows how to put the ball in the back of the net as he showed 7 times in just 11 starts for Newcastle United this season.

Just coming back from injury himself one has to wonder if he is still fit. But do you want to look at him and think oh he is not a concern? No you don't. So my advice would be to watch Owen just as much as you watch Rooney.

Of Course the problem here is if you focus too much on Owen then you take your focus off of Wayne Rooney. This is something else that would not be a wise thing to do.

The Bottom line is that if England are to be successful in the World Cup they need to mix things up and have Rooney come for the ball at certain periods of the game then switch that Role to Owen.

Barry Gower -