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Nintendo Ds Cheats

The successor of Nintendo's Gamecube is currently being dubbed a revolution. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the next-gen Nintendo console will be a 'paradigm shift', proving to be much more innovative than even the DS. Several rumors floating around include those which speak of being able to connect to a PC monitor, and Valve's Team Fortress 2 being added to the game line-up, just as it might be added to the other next-gen consoles and the PC. Both those rumors sound a little fishy, although it is confirmed that this console will be able to play over 20 years of Nintendo Games. It is unclear whether this will be accessed through purchasing them on a disk or downloading through the new Internet-Accessible console (a bit late there eh Nintendo?) but either way it is a treat for old school gamers.

'The concept behind our new console, tentatively named 'Revolution,' is the same as the DS. We want it to broaden the audience range, and we don't want it to be something that people will see as too irrelevant to them, too difficult to use, or as something that wastes space. It will most likely come out between this year [and] next year, which is considered to be the transition period for home consoles," Iwata said, also noting that it will be released about the same time as Sony and Microsoft's efforts. This new console will also be more geared towards women and older gamers, not the traditional gamer audience although lately that has been the focus of many other game organizations. I myself will be purchasing this console as I have been a fan of Nintendo and their products my entire life, but I am very tempted to stray off to the Xbox 360 as its graphics look oh-so-tasty. I feel the competition from all three companies (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) will be very strong, but I sense Nintendo will be the underdog like it was with the last generation of gaming consoles.

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