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Nassau County Office Space - Nassau Long Island Office

When a business is looking to rent or locate office space on Long Island, they often look to Nassau County first. Nassau is the closest long island county to New York City - including Manhattan, but the square foot lease charges are generally more attractive than the expense of Manhattan.

There are many desirable towns in the county for prime office space, with many having direct access to a local train station or a major highway such as the long island expressway, northern state parkway or other major roads.

Garden City

One of the most attractive areas to rent prime office space is Garden City. It has the same appeal as Melville for Suffolk County companies. It is where many of the most well known companies reside. With it's close location to the city and an affluent community around it, Garden City has many Class A buildings to lease office space and has many buildings for sale. These prime rent locations include Franklin Avenue and Old Country Road. Many financial firms and businesses will lease in Garden City and the address offers some prestige to many companies.


This town is very close to Garden City and offers many of the same advantages. The rent tends to be less expensive - generally, but the closeness that Garden City offers is the same for Mineola. Class A, B and C buildings can be leased and it is a Nassau County town that is located near major roads and highways. Mineola has it's own train station stop as well for commuting into Manhattan for meetings or other business appointments.


This Long Island town is in the heart of Nassau County and is home to the Nassau Coliseum. Some of the most prestigious office buildings to rent space in are located on Hempstead Turnpike in Uniondale. Square feet leasing can be as small as 2000 up to 50,000 square feet and more. Being that it is in the same town as the Coliseum, a business leasing office space can use the venue for entertaining clients or employees. There are also many trade shows there, which can be attractive to a business leasing property.


This is town close to the border of Nassau and Suffolk which offers flexibility in location and rent. Industrial, retail and commercial office buildings are available on Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury Road and elsewhere. There are many restaurants and catering halls in Woodbury offering a business leasing space there chances to entertain and attend business functions. Many of the Long Island business associations hold meetings in Nassau County and Woodbury.

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Nick Hunter is the President of AIT and a real estate consultant specializing in commercial real estate. His website lists FREE office space property information for Long Island office buildings and space available for lease. You can request specific office locations on the site as well.