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Nancy Drew Cheats

J D Drew shocked the Los Angeles Dodgers when he opted out of his contract. There was no prior indication that Drew was contemplating such a move. Drew had signed a five year $55 million contract with the former general manager of the Dodgers, Paul DePodesta. However, the contract did have a clause that Drew could leave the Dodgers after two seasons should he wish to.

This decision has caught Grady Little, Los Angeles Dodgers manager, with surprise. He is apparently more surprise than upset at this moment. He informed the media it was a business decision on the part of J D Drew.

This move is specially surprising since Drew had an ideal relationship with the organization and in a recent conversation with the third base coach, Rich Donnelly, Drew had mentioned about returning to the NL Wild Card team since he felt that the Dodgers had a good chance of reaching the playoff once again. According to Grady Little, Coach Donnelly is shocked since he was the one who recently spoke to Drew.

However, the doors for Drew at the Los Angeles Dodgers is still open but it seems unlikely that he will return. Drew will turn 31 at the end of November. Manager Grady Little seems reconciled to the fact that the Dodgers have to move on without their most productive hitter. He tried to make the best out of the situation by commenting that Drew had a beautiful home in Pasadena and he might ask Drew to rent it out to him this year!

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