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Maplestory Cheats You Should Try

So here you are, enjoying this new game and all of a sudden, you've hit a wall! Dang it! If you're stuck and really can't figure out how to get out of a jam, here are some Maplestory cheats to help you out. There are plenty of different cheats for an assortment of things.

Money's a big one. Need more dough? Just drop 10 mesos or so. Pick them up again, and voila, they become 15! There are many different kinds of Maplestory cheats and different neat things you can do with the game.

To find a secret place, go to Henesey's, and visit the tree. To get on top of the hole while inside, press the up arrow. Now once you're topside, push the up arrow again and you'll find yourself in a secret place, Bhcho.

You can use other cheats while you're playing to flip your screen upside down and upright again. Here's what you do: Press ctrl, alt, and down to flip the screen so it's upside-down. To put it right side-up again, press ctrl, alt, and up.

All right, so these aren't exactly the kind of Maplestory cheats that do anything big, but they're fun to experiment with! Oh, and to get a fun perspective on the game, push the alt and tab keys. You might have to do it multiple times.

Another simple cheat for getting experience with low risk: Just weaken a creature when you're damaging it, then let someone else finish the critter off. This will give you experience, and you can damage other creatures while they are killing that one.

For extra fun and excitement, there are plenty of different cheats to play with. Check out the ones above and see if you can make more money, find a great new place, or just give yourself a new perspective.

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