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Lego Indiana Jones Cheat Codes

Lego Building Instruction Books are excellent educational tools developed by Lego. They also have a bevy of Lego Education Centers. They like to think that engineers, architects, scientists and designers have their genesis in these centers.

LEGO centers claim to provide a safe, inspirational atmosphere for young creative minds. They focus on and develop the following areas:

• Concentration

• Self-confidence

• Innovation

• Team-work

• Spatial intelligence

Perhaps a small historical journey is appropriate at this point. The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. He was the inventor of the LEGO bricks. Christiansen desired a total world-wide involvement by the group.

“Only the best is good enough” was his motto. The LEGO team says that ‘today we still involve that spirit in every way we operate.’

With this as a backdrop, we are now faced with their recent announcement. Here is the headlines: “LEGO Says It’s Running Out Of Toys For Christmas”

What a disappointing turn of events. To whom much is given-much is required. They have fallen a long way away from their stated motto, “Only the best is good enough” What does LEGO suggest we do with our Lego Building Instruction Books? We have no LEGO building blocks!

What would Mr. Christiansen say about this mess? They’ve been in business for almost 75 years. Did the coming of Christmas 2006 catch them unawares? How did they prepare for the other 73 Christmases? How could they run out of toys for Christmas?

Many of us were raised on LEGO toys. I had hours and hours of fun playing with my LEGO. So did my children and now my grandson. What does LEGO suggest we tell our children?

Lego Building Instruction Books are useless without the blocks. Do you want LEGO for your child this Christmas? Then get LEGO now! Grab the link here Lego Building Instruction Books