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Delta Township was organized in 1842. Today, the population is over 29,000 and makes up approximately 30% of Eaton County 's population. The township is located just west of the city of Lansing, and is 35 square miles. Getting to Delta Township is easy with entrances to three major highways; Interstates 96, I-69, and I-496. The Capital City Airport is located just north of the Township.

This community has continued to grow and thrive with many wonderful residential neighborhoods and businesses. The growth has continued and you will find many popular restaurants and shopping centers. The Lansing Mall is located in Delta Township and is 1 of only 2 indoor shopping centers of this size in the greater Lansing area.

Most of the residents students attend Waverly Community or Grand Ledge public schools, however, depending on location some do attend Holt public or Lansing public schools. You will find that residents that are in the Waverly school district will tell you that they live in Waverly. There is no actual city or township with this name, but it is widely known as the Waverly area. The Waverly schools consists of 4-Elementary schools, 1-Intermediate school, 1-Middle school, and 1-High school. The Middle school and High school have recently gone thru major renovation. There is also a large group of the Grand Ledge school district living in Delta Township.

The Real Estate market is currently in strong favor of the buyers. You can find many wonderful homes for sale at a great price. There are currently 232 residential homes for sale, and 86 Condominiums. You will find prices range from $62,000 up to $800,000 and everything in between.

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