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Is There An Invincibility Cheat In Halo On Xbox

Everywhere you turn, the news of Xbox 360's Halo 3 release is out there. The game is garnering such attention because the franchise has been so successful and this is the latest and greatest. Halo 3's release is one of the biggest video game events to date. Part of the reason for this is the coverage the game is receiving. You don't have to be a gamer to run across Halo 3 everywhere you turn. Many news programs are constantly running stories about this new game.

The original Halo game came out with the launch of the original Xbox, and it has been a popular gaming franchise ever since. Expert gamers claim that it is the best first person shooter franchise in gaming history. These fans call themselves "Halo Nation" which is to Halo what "Trekkies" is to Star Trek. Halo Nation members camped out for the release of the game, hoping to be the first to get their hands on Halo 3.

There was so much attention surrounding this release that stores like EB Games held release day parties at midnight so that customers would not have to wait to receive the game until normal opening hours. With such devoted fans, Microsoft pulled in a cool 170 million dollars on the very first day!

Predictions have Microsoft making about 560 million dollars from Halo 3! This is not bad considering they spent only 55 million dollars to design the game. They may even collect some money from those buying the Xbox 360 console just to play the game. The timing is perfect with the holiday season right around the corner. Many children and teens will have this on their wish-list for sure!

Still not sure what Halo is? The franchise is based on a setting in the future where people must battle against aliens. The weapons are all futuristic and very cool! You play as Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan-117. Master Chief has all the tools he needs to battle the aliens. The game is very "pretty" and well done as Microsoft had top employees developing the game for over 3 years. You can expect the world to be massive and full of interactivity. This definitely isn't a game they threw together just to keep the franchise going. They seem very committed to producing a top of the line game for Halo fans.

Microsoft needed this boost, as the Nintendo Wii is still the top selling console. We'll have to see what happens with the battle of the consoles this holiday season.

Ellie is a successful work at home mom to a beautiful baby. She has played video games since she was a young girl, and has since developed the website Video Game Bargains