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Think ‘shared office space’.

No, this doesn't mean you have to actually share office space with another company. It is simply a generic name for a type of office space that doesn’t require a long-term lease.

Shared office space is available in almost any city in the world. Why should you consider it when you need either temporary or permanent expansion room? Here are just a few reasons.

  • There is never a long-term complicated lease involved. You sign a simple rental agreement in the morning and can move into the office space that afternoon.

  • Almost all shared office space is centrally located within the heart of a city.

  • You don't have to hassle moving furniture, getting telephones hooked up or even buying business machines. Everything you need, including staff, can be provided.

  • Shared office space is almost always located in a prestigious building so your image doesn't have to suffer, in fact in may improve..

  • Here's a special suggestion for freeing up office space. Don't move your whole office. Consider just moving one operation or department to free up whatever office space you need. Use the offices for as long as you need them and then move out. There's no long-term commitment. It makes things simple, fast and hassle-free.

    The next time you notice people bumping into each other trying to get work done, pick up the phone and call a shared office space provider. They can offer a fast solution for taking the squeeze out of your office situation.

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