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How to Buy an iPod

When the Apple iPod was first released there was only one type available. It would play music and that was all. You would upload music onto your iPod either through you own music collection from your computer, or by downloading tunes through Apple’s software program ‘iTunes’. But these days things aren’t as simple as there are different iPod models available. Some can store pictures and even play video. This guide will help you decide on which model is best for you.

The first iPod had a 5 gigabyte hard drive and went on sale for US $399, but these have been discontinued. Although, if for some reason you wanted to buy on old model iPod, you could easily purchase one second hand for a good price. Just keep in mind that the original iPod was bulkier and the battery doesn’t last as long as the newer models being made today.

The iPod Mini was the next iPod to come out after the original one, but they too have been discontinued. The iPod Mini was a smaller version of the original iPod, and was easier to carry around. It has less hard drive space that the original. Apple then made an iPod Photo, which boasted a color screen so it could display photos. These models have all been discontinued, so if you want the latest and greatest iPod, you should decide between the current generation iPods: the iPod Video, the iPod Nano, or the iPod Shuffle.

The iPod Video

The current ‘regular iPod’ on sale today is known as the iPod Video. It comes in types, the 30 GB or the 60 GB versions. It has a color screen, has much improved battery life over the older iPods, and can store songs, photos and videos. So if you want the very best iPod around with all the latest features, go for an iPod Video.

The iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is a smaller iPod which can play music and display photos, but cannot play videos. It has a smaller capacity than the iPod Video, yet its lighter and easier to carry around. If you don’t care about playing videos on your iPod, then you might want to go for the iPod Nano as its cheaper than the iPod Video and is more portable.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle is the smallest of the new iPods, and the most portable. It doesn’t have a screen, so it all it does is play music. This is what most people buy an iPod for anyway, so if you don’t mind not being able to view photos and videos, the iPod Shuffle might be the one to get. The storage space in a Shuffle is 512MB to 1GB.

Hopefully you should now understand the different iPods that are available out there, and choose one that suits you. Whether you buy an iPod Video, Nano, or Shuffle, you’ll be in on a great new craze that is a lot of fun!

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