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Home Computer Repair - Two Anti Virus Programs

So as you all know I own and operate a home computer repair services company. Well I'm just going to tell you about the problems one customer was having. She had a dell computer about three years old and was in need of home computer repair.

When she had bought her Dell Dimmension computer, it had came with Mcafee Anti Virus, which by no means is a suitable anti-virus program. If your home computer is in need of repair, alot of times it is Mcafee's fault. That whole topic is for another day in home computer repair.

So she had a version of that installed that was not activated, because they charge some amount of money per month or year or something like that. So she eventually installed a free anti-virus program that would help do home computer repair; that was very good in order to fix her home computer. She was having problems and it was running very slowly.

She chose to install a program called AVG anti-virus, but remember she still had Mcafee installed even though it was not registered and working. Having two virus scanners on a computer that needs repairing is a big NO NO. That would cause a regular working computer to be in need of home computer repair. Two anti-virus programs cannot be running concurrently on a home computer. So her minor problems of having Mcafee on her home computer turned into a bigger problem.

The bigger problem now was in need of legitamite home computer repair. That repair being uninstalling Mcafee anti-virus totally, so that only one anti-virus scanner would be installed. So that is what I did. I uninstaleld Mcafee anti-virus and then went about doing the home computer repair by doing a series of things like minimize background programs and ran other free programs to eliminate spyware/adware.

So the moral of the story is, and to remember, would be to never have two anti-virus programs installed on PC, or will need some serious home computer repair.

I'm a regular guy who has recently taken interest in the home computer repair field, and learned some things that can help others with their everyday interaction with computers. I remember about two years ago I knew nothing about computers, that gives me the mind set to explain in laymans terms how to help the masses who think they don't know enough to fix their computer issues.