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Harry Potter Pc Games

The Harry Potter mania has not skipped the audio books world. Apart from Harry potter books, movies and video games you could find all the Harry Potter series on audio books formats – downloadable audio books, audio books on CD and books on tape. Is it good for our children? Decide yourself after getting to know the pros and cons of the Harry Potter audio books:

The pros:

1. The Harry Potter audio books are an excellent educational activity for young children that can not read yet or for children with dyslexia. Yet, young children may be afraid of some of the chapters on the Harry Potter audio books – just skip these parts.

2. The Harry Potter audio books are the perfect solution for children who do not like to read. It will help them get all the essential values from the Harry potter books without actually reading them. More than that, it could motivate them to start reading books. One mother told me that she allowed her children to listen only to the first Harry Potter audio book. To get to know the rest of the Harry Potter series, her children had to actually read them.

3. The Harry Potter audio books are the best method to teach children proper pronunciation. A perfect reading will teach them new words and correct speaking techniques.

4. The Harry Potter audio books will keep your children busy for hours. You could use them while traveling in the car, instead of reading to them before they go to sleep or just to get some rest from your children.

The cons:

1. The Harry Potter audio books may encourage children not to read books. In some cases I have heard of, children who started listening to audio books, have read less books. Yet, I believe it’s all a matter of a good education and parents’ domination.

2. Some say that listening to audio books such as the Harry Potter audio books may damage the imagination and creativity of the children.

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