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Hard Drives For Gaming Computers

This article steps through some of the most popular external hard drives that money can buy today. We’re talking about some costly models – but they are very much worth the money if you can justify the need for the extra storage space.

SmartDisk FireLite

This little baby is a 60GB wonder that runs on a USB 2,0 interface and is compatible on both PC and Mac platforms. Excellent value for money and one of the hottest sellers out there.

LaCie 160 GB

Want some serious space? Look at the LaCie 160GB herd drive that comes with a Fiewire interface. This drive will ensure that you are storing all your data in a safe and secure place for a long, long time.

LaCie 250 GB

This guy is a cousin of the LaCie 160 GB hard drive. Ok, so nobody will really need a 250GB external hard drive. But for video files and movies, this drive is the one to get.

Western Digital 80 GB

A nicely priced model, the Western Digital drive stores 80GB of data and supports a speedy USB 2.0 interface. Real value for money and certainly one for the home user to consider.

Iomega 160 GB

Iomega also produces external hard drives (remember they used to produce the defunct zip disk?) Well, their brand of external hard drives are top notch. And they look really good too. Worth considering if you’re in the market for one.


That’s a quick round up of the external hard drives which are popular in the market today. If you need a good drive for home use, I’d recommend the Iomega 160 GB hard drive. If you’re a professional looking for serious backup, then the LaCie 250 GB hard drive is a good choice. Good luck and happy shopping!

Gary Hendricks runs a hobby site on building computers. Visit his website at for tips and tricks on assembling a PC, as well as buying good computer components.